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Supporting your Oil & Gas business from the ground up

Univar Solutions provides product-based solutions to customers in the oil sands, upstream, midstream, and refining segments of the energy industry. Our mission is to safely apply our comprehensive chemical portfolio, supply chain, logistics, custom blending capabilities, and technical expertise to create real value for you.

Oil Sands Products & Services

Univar has been a recognized name in the oil sands for many years.

Upstream Products & Services

We have unmatched security of supply to the upstream sector.

Midstream Products & Services

We are a local company with global reach for midstream clients.

Refining Products & Services

We have decades of experience in the refining sector.


Univar Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of chemicals for every element of the oil and gas value chain. Over the past century, we have built strong relationships with leading suppliers by sourcing 4,500 chemicals from more than 3,500 producers. We utilize that buying power for you to deliver top-of-the-line products at a competitive price point.

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We combine unparalleled technical expertise with logistical excellence and reliable, secure chemical supply to meet the unique needs of the energy industry. Our technical service programs can be customized to provide value by reducing operational costs and optimizing production.

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Learn how our comprehensive sample analysis, can keep multiple gas plants running smoothly.

Peak performance under the hood

Learn how our 360 Preventative Maintenance Program can keep your plants running smoothly.

Advanced Amine Technology from Dow Chemical

TheĀ UCARSOLā„¢ HYBRID 700 & 900 series of gases are two high performance gases from Dow Chemical.

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