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Prevent Hydrates and Downtime this Winter

Prevent Hydrates and Downtime this Winter

We’re here to help your business remain efficient this winter, preventing or removing hydrates and the downtime and other issues they can cause. Learn more below about how hydrates form, and the products we can carry that can help you keep things running smoothly.

Hydrate Formation & Prevention

When gas running through your pipelines or processing facility hydrates, it can cause disruptive pipeline problems in the production and transportation of wet natural gas. The gas hydrates compact to form ice plugs at certain pressure and temperature conditions, which leads to disruption delays, added expenses and decreased productivity.

Hydrate formation is dependent on some or all of the following conditions:

  • Pipeline pressure
  • Pipeline temperature variations
  • Gas composition (including CO2 and HS2)
  • Degree of water saturation in the gas
  • Salinity in the water phase
  • Pipeline topography
  • Velocity and turbulence
  • Presence of solids or a seed crystal

Controlling all these factors and conditions within your system can be challenging to say the least. At Univar Solutions, we can work with you on preventing hydrates by using either inhibited or pure methanol injected into your systems to combat the risk of downtime, loss of production, freeze off issues, and in extreme cases equipment damage.

We have one the largest methanol supply networks in Canada with over 40 locations available to supply your business. Our satellite locations help us supply to even the most remote regions of Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. Our Sturgeon transload facility is the largest Methanol distribution facility in Western Canada and leverages our broad network to distribute any bulk methanol quantities your business may need to stay up and running throughout the harsh winter conditions.

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Use Hydrate Breakers to Remove Hydrates

As an alternative to methanol, we also carry specialized hydrate breakers which may be the right solution for your cold weather challenges.

Vanblend Hydrate Breaker

Vanblend Hydrate Breaker is a colorless liquid blend of alcohols, solvents and glycols. Vanblend Hydrate Breaker uses no ethyl ether in the blend.


VanBlend Hydrate Breaker is designed to provide accelerated hydrate removal when compared to conventional methanol application. The application rate of VanBlend Hydrate Breaker is substantially less than conventional products making it cost effective as well as high performance. Continuous injection applications have shown that in some cases, 1/3 as much VanBlend Hydrate Breaker is required versus methanol. The performance rate was also found to be 5 to 8 times faster than conventional products (methanol). Rapid restoration of gas flows eliminates long periods of gas flow interruption and lost revenue.

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Vanblend Hydrate Breaker – E
Vanblend Hydrate Breaker – E is a liquid blend of alcohols, solvents, glycols and ethers. Vanblend Hydrate Breaker – E is designed to prevent ice blockage and to remove ice from gas transmission lines.


For blockages in large transmission lines (18” and over), add one 205 Litre drum of Vanblend Hydrate Breaker – E or enough to remove the ice. Any lines under 18”, add 10 litres of De-Icing Fluid per kilometer of gas line under 15 P.S.I.

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Learn More with our Methanol and Hydrates Seminars

Learn more about these important areas of your business from our expert technical team. We will work with you to schedule one of our seminars at a time and location that works for your team.

Methanol Safe Handling Seminar

Beginning with a quick overview of where Univar Solution’s methanol comes from this presentation quickly gets into an important review of the TDG, WHMIS, and MSDS information on methanol. The importance of bonding and grounding are discussed as well as ways to minimize exposure when handling methanol. It also includes a reminder of how important safety is by highlighting real-life incidents that have occurred in the oil and gas industry with methanol.

Hydrates Seminar
This seminar covers the composition and structure of hydrates as well as the use of charts to estimate hydrate formation conditions. Options for hydrate inhibition are also covered and precautionary notes on the thawing of hydrates.

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