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Advanced Amine Technology from Dow Chemical

Advanced Amine Technology from Dow Chemical

The UCARSOL™ HYBRID 700 & 900 series of solvents are two high-performance series of gas treating solvents from Univar Solution’s partners at Dow Chemical. These unique solvents have been specifically designed to treat gas streams containing H2S, CO2 & mercaptans.

These hybrid solvents are methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) based, using physical and chemical solvents combined into a single solvent system for improved efficiency and performance. The UCARSOL™ HYBRID series can be used at both natural gas processing plants & refineries to reach deep total sulfur removal rates, and have proven effective in both the lab and in the field.

Formulated for Performance

  • UCARSOL™ HYBRID 700 series reduces H2S and mercaptans to low levels, minimizing the loss of hydrocarbons.
  • UCARSOL™ HYBRID 900 series is formulated to remove H2S, mercaptans as well as CO2.
  • These hybrid solvents are designed and simulated to accurately predict and minimize hydrocarbon co-absorption.
  • Uses an integrated mercaptan removal strategy which enhances mercaptans absorption vs. chemical solvents alone, with less hydrocarbon loss vs. physical solvents alone.

Physical Properties of the UCARSOL™ HYBRID 700 Series

Local Technical Support with No License Fees

With no license fees attached, our dedicated technical specialists based across Western Canada will ensure you receive priority access to support for your team and facility, including regular site visits and support over the life of your plant. When you need immediate support, after hours, our 24/7 Univar Solutions Customer Service will get you the help you need.

Free Plant Simulations

Working together, Dow and Univar Solutions will model your plant, performing rigorous simulations to determine which of these hybrid blends will best fit your application, and make adjustments to the composition to meet your treating needs. When needed, running conversions can be performed for existing installations.

We can work to your schedule and are regularly able to complete simulations within a week or less—keeping you running smoothly.


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