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Peak performance under the hood

Peak performance under the hood

Our 360 Preventative Maintenance Program keeps your gas plant running smoothly

You’ve finally bought that ’68 Mustang Fastback—the one you’ve had your eye on for decades.

Would you expect it to keep running smoothly every day without changing the oil or coolant?

Of course not. And your gas processing plant is no different.

Glycols and heat transfer (HT) fluids are a critical element of gas processing—integral to the gas sweetening, glycol dehydration and fractionation processes. With your plant running 24/7, a poorly maintained heating or cooling system can severely affect process, product and profitability—and, ultimately, safety.

Like that ’68 Mustang, you want to protect your investment. And Univar Solutions’ 360 Preventative Maintenance Program can help.

This free sampling program provides customizable support for your gas plant. It helps lengthen the life of your glycols and HT fluids, minimizes performance issues, prevents degradation and corrosion, and helps to ensure that your plant’s impurity removal process remains safe and efficient.

As part of our free, customizable 360 Preventative Maintenance Program:

  • We work with you to build a sampling schedule, based on your assets and your needs;
  • We arrange for sample pickup based on your approved, customized blueprint;
  • We analyze each sample to determine general product condition or health, and any presence of contamination or degradation;
  • Sample analysis will take place in a state-of-the-art lab, either at Univar Solutions or at one of our trusted partners, such as Dow Chemical; and
  • We deliver a custom report with constructive information you can use, including a one-page overview for management, complete site results for your operations group, and in-depth sample analysis for your maintenance team.

Univar Solutions also keeps your systems running smoothly by offering a variety of inhibitors and adjustment fluids—pH boosters, metal inhibitors, cavitation protection additives—based on recommendations from our 360 Preventative Maintenance Program. These inhibitor packages help you maintain corrosion protection, and maximize the capacity of your glycols and HT fluids.

No one likes downtime, but when the time does come for that proverbial “oil change,” Univar Solutions also offers a drain, flush and refill service through our ChemCare waste management experts. Our ChemCare team will maximize efficiency by using one truck for the whole process, and we’ll also handle disposal of waste fluids or byproducts, responsibly and sustainably.

You want responsiveness, peak performance, and reliability under the hood. You’ll have to handle that Mustang yourself, but Univar Solutions can help keep your gas processing plant running smooth all year round.

Give us a call at +1.855.888.8648 or request a callback here to begin drawing up a 360 Preventative Maintenance Program that’s right for you.

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