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Our comprehensive sample analysis, custom reporting can keep multiple gas plants in great shape

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Through our 360 Preventative Maintenance Program for gas processing plants, Univar Solutions can help you see the forest—and the trees.

If your company owns a large number of gas plants—perhaps in a variety of climates, perhaps using a variety of products—you may not always have a “big picture” view of your operations.

That’s why it’s useful to have a comprehensive sample analysis schedule, paired with custom reporting that’s useful to all levels of your organization.

And that’s exactly what the 360 Preventative Maintenance Program provides.

This free sampling program from Univar Solutions provides customizable support for your operations. It helps lengthen the life of your glycols and HT fluids, minimizes performance issues, prevents degradation and corrosion, and helps to ensure that your impurity removal process remains safe and efficient.

We start by creating a blueprint for your operations. It’s tailored to you, and built on a full understanding of your sites—where they’re located, what products they use, who our contacts are.

We’ll work with you to devise a sample analysis pickup schedule. Each sample will be analyzed in state-of-the-art labs, either at Univar Solutions or at one of our trusted partners, such as Dow Chemical.

Our custom reporting takes things to another level. Here’s why:

  • A one-page overview offers a snapshot of all sites sampled, with condition status and key recommendations. This is a great tool for your corporate office and supply chain teams
  • Complete site results—including color-coded condition status, issue details, and key action items for each sample site—are invaluable to your operations team requiring greater detail
  • In-depth sample analysis for your maintenance and mechanical team offers a further breakdown with complete results on the properties of each sample, as well as detailed recommendations

As a potential follow-up to our 360 Preventative Maintenance Program’s sample analysis and custom reporting, Univar Solutions can also keep your systems running smoothly through a variety of inhibitor packages and adjustment fluids—pH boosters, metal inhibitors, cavitation protection additives—that help you maintain corrosion protection, and maximize the capacity of your fluids.

And when it’s time for a drain, flush and refill service, our ChemCare waste management experts can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at +1.855.888.8648 or click here to start a 360 Preventative Maintenance Program that’s right for you.


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