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Midstream Products & Services

Univar is a local company with global reach. As a direct result of our broad network, we are able to negotiate better deals, connect with more suppliers, and serve more strategic locations in the midstream segment than our competitors. We have a large distribution network with a number of remote area facilities supplied via rail, courtesy of our transloading facilities.

Technical Services

The technical services team offers on-site troubleshooting, educational seminars, and in-house sampling at one of our Alberta-based labs. We can also provide simulations through supplier partners like Dow Chemical, who use software and modelling to run in-depth simulations and determine the most effective product option for your operational requirements.

Dedicated Support

Our expert sales team is locally available, supported by auxiliary teams in major urban centres, and able to provide fast, reliable product access. Our satellite network provides local supply and meets your immediate needs for key products. We also provide secondary billing and can work within your systems and processes to find an option that works for you. Meet with us to share your needs, and we will tailor products based on your plant’s unique conditions and applications.

We specialize in products to support the following areas and can use our broad global reach to source new products to help meet your business needs.


With our selection of Univar-exclusive products such as Vanol, Uni antifoam, and Ucon LB 1715, you can treat unwanted foaming issues and prevent costly and time-consuming mechanical problems.

Gas Dehydration

Univar offers commodity gas dehydration products like triethylene glycol and ethylene glycol, along with the added benefit of sampling, optimization, troubleshooting, and local field support.

Gas Sweetening

We supply commodity amines such as DEA, MEA, Dipa, and MDEA, and we are the exclusive distributor of formulated Ucarsol products used in the sweetening process. We also offer technical support, sampling, optimization, simulation, and troubleshooting.

Heat Transfer Fluids

Our heat transfer fluids protect your systems in high temperatures. Univar carries Dowtherm, Therminol, and Syltherm products, and we are the exclusive distributor of Ucartherm and Norkool. We also offer a variety of premium inhibitor packages that will be identified if necessary with our annual product sampling.

Hydrate Control

We supply hydrate control products such as methanol and Vanblend hydrate breakers, which are available as needed through our satellite network as a result of local manufacturing.


We provide premium inhibitor products like Ucar 268, which was designed for thermal stability and proactive system protection in higher-temperature applications.


Univar has established a partnership with industry leader Boss Lubricants to provide superior lubrication products in the midstream segment.

Turnaround Products

We provide specialty products to complement the commodities you need, when you need them. Our product line includes claus catalyst, molecular sieve, activated carbon, and much more.

View our detailed energy products catalogue.

Oil Sands Products & Services

Univar has been a recognized name in the oil sands for many years.

Upstream Products & Services

We have unmatched security of supply to the upstream sector.

Refining Products & Services

We have decades of experience in the refining sector.