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Univar Solutions combines unparalleled technical expertise with logistical excellence and reliable, secure chemical supply to meet the unique needs of the energy industry.

Our technical service programs can be customized to provide value by reducing operational costs and optimizing production. We provide laboratory support, equipment inspection and troubleshooting, best practice and system evaluation, and assistance with formulation, application development, commissioning and startup, plant optimization, and much more.

ChemCare® Waste Management

ChemCare® is Univar Solution’s end-to-end chemical waste management service. Our ChemCare® specialists will work with you to achieve your safety, sustainability, and environmental goals. Our superior transportation fleet and extensive partner network of licensed receiving facilities and waste transporters across North America ensure on-time service, reliability, and the proper management of your hazardous waste.

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Customer Service

Univar Solutions operates a 24/7 emergency line to ensure you receive immediate solutions from industry experts to unpredictable technical issues at your plant. We also offer manufacturer support through joint calls so your questions can be answered by the company that designed the product.

Technical Service Team

Univar Solution’s Technical Service team is composed of Alberta-based specialists who are supported by our sales representatives throughout Canada.

As a Univar Solutions partner, you receive priority access to and support from our Technical Service team and facility. This includes regular site visits from the team and key suppliers to keep you up to date with the latest products and help you troubleshoot as needed.

Sample Analysis & Reporting

We provide internal lab analysis for amines, glycols, heat transfer fluids, activated aluminas, and molecular sieve at our lab or a designated supplier lab.

Average turnaround time is 7–10 days, but we can provide rush analytical work within 48 hours. Results are accompanied by our expert recommendations for reducing operational costs and optimizing product performance. Long-term data trending and custom analysis are also available upon request.

Plant Simulation & Design

Working with supplier partners, we can use software and modelling to run simulations with current conditions and work with manufacturers to determine the most effective product options for your operational needs.

Options could include MEA, DEA, and MDEA-based products, activated alumina and titania, molecular sieves and silica gels, activated carbon, heat transfer fluids, and specialty catalysts and support media.

Custom Blending

Over the last 30 years, Univar Solutions has earned a reputation as a go-to resource for custom specialty chemical blending, manufacturing, and packaging. We understand the exacting demands of the energy industry, and we work around the clock to deliver the products you need on time.

Quality Assurance

Univar Solutions maintains and provides certification of analysis for all products we handle and for any altered or custom-blended products. This ensures that your product is guaranteed to meet particular specifications and will arrive at its destination as promised.

Inventory Management

DMInventory (a division of Univar Solutions) exists to help you exceed expectations in the oilfield. We source all of your products and manage every aspect of inventory supply and distribution on your behalf. This enables you to focus your time and manpower on what you do best.

Mini Bulk

Mini bulk is the answer to your small-order logistical concerns. When several customers require small deliveries within the same geographical area, we provide cost savings by delivering to all of the locations at the same time.

Secondary Billing

We provide secondary billing through EDI and other platforms on your behalf. We can work within your systems and processes to find an option that works for you.

Product Seminars & Training

As part of your preventative maintenance and facility optimization programs, Univar Solutions offers complimentary customized, on-site product training and seminars for field operators and corporate groups. These sessions are available for all product categories.

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