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ChemCare® Waste Management Services

ChemCare® is Univar Solution’s end-to-end chemical waste management service, which is provided through reuse, recycling, and disposal solutions.

We reuse and resell usable byproducts to convert waste into energy. We recycle and reclaim chemical waste from items such as electronics, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and catalysts. And we dispose of waste through appropriate methods that comply with environmental regulations and align with your corporate responsibility goals, such as treatment, fuel blending, incineration, or surface impoundment.

Our team of experts offers on-site managed services from start to finish, including packing, training, document preparation, and everything else you need to solve any disposal challenge.

Industry Services

Our energy-specific services are designed to help meet the waste management needs of our oil sands, upstream, midstream and refinery customers. Our services include:

  • Line heater/compressor system clean, flush, and disposal
  • Glycol/amine system clean, flush, and disposal
  • Catalyst/desiccant removal and disposal
  • Waste removal and disposal services (bulk liquids, drums, totes, and sludges)
  • Waste diversion/recycling/re-use/carbon footprint reduction
  • Tank cleaning, high pressure power washing, and confined space work
  • Tank inspections (precision leak testing, ultrasonic, and pipe testing)
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Waste audits

Disposal Technologies

Our chemical waste disposal technologies allow us to find the solution that best suits the needs of your business and complies with environmental regulations and your own corporate sustainability goals. We offer the following waste disposal technologies:


  • Recycling
  • Incineration
  • Secure landfill
  • Empty tote and drum collection
  • Lab pack/self pack
  • Aqueous treatment
  • Solid waste management
  • On-site service work


At ChemCare®, our waste management services are backed by Univar Solution’s industry-leading logistics and infrastructure. We have one of the largest transportation fleets in the industry and offer frequent waste pick-up opportunities, as well as the ability to combine product delivery with waste pick-ups in one efficient process. We also have an extensive partner network of licensed receiving facilities and waste transporters across North America that are routinely audited to ensure safety and regulatory environmental compliance. This network ensures on-time service, reliability, and proper management of your hazardous waste.


Safety is our number-one priority at ChemCare®. We have a reputation for handling hazardous products safely and doing things right—for you, for ourselves, for our community, and for our environment. Our ChemCare® specialists will work with you to achieve your safety, sustainability, and environmental goals. We also offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive indemnification programs to protect your business in case of an adverse event. This program is pre-negotiated and backed by Univar Solution’s financial strength as a global business.

Simply put, Univar Solution’s long-established reputation as a responsible global leader in chemical distribution makes ChemCare® the smart choice for all your energy waste management


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